Denver Police to Conduct Live-Gunfire Testing of ShotSpotter System


Denver Police to Conduct Live-Gunfire Testing of ShotSpotter System
Residents Will Hear Gunshots in Several Neighborhoods Friday Night

On Friday night (April 22) between 8:00 p.m. and midnight, the Denver Police Department (DPD) will be conducting live-gunfire testing of the recently-expanded ShotSpotter system, which detects the sound of gunshots and helps DPD to identify the area in which the shots were fired.

The live gunfire tests will take place in West, Southwest and Northeast Denver. The controlled tests will consist of a sequence of gunshots followed by validation of sound detection by ShotSpotter. During the tests, a bullet trap will be used to ensure public safety — no bullets will be fired into the air or ground, and there is no danger to the public. The hours of 8:00 p.m. to midnight were chosen for testing because acoustics are different at night and the majority of shootings and shots fired occur at night and in the early morning hours.

“The sounds of gunfire in a neighborhood can be very unsettling for residents, so we are working to notify folks in advance of the testing,” said Denver Chief of Police Robert C. White. “We understand the live gunfire tests may cause temporary disruptions in neighborhoods, but it’s critical that we ensure this new equipment is functioning properly so that ShotSpotter can continue to help us quickly respond to gunfire-related incidents.”

The ShotSpotter system uses a network of acoustic sensors to detect when a gun is fired and then precisely and quickly pinpoints the location of the gunfire. In less than a minute, ShotSpotter notifies 911 dispatchers of the incidents. By quickly notifying police with the precise information, ShotSpotter helps speed police response, has the potential to save lives, increases weapons-related arrests, and enhances the safety of our neighborhoods. While the ShotSpotter system is very effective, DPD still encourages the community to report sounds of gunfire.

Denver ShotSpotter Facts:
• DPD began using ShotSpotter in early 2015
• The program expansion will triple the size of areas served
• To date, ShotSpotter has generated more than 450 alerts including more than 1,600 gunshots
• ShotSpotter alerts have resulted in approximately 30 arrests and 18 guns recovered.
• To maintain the integrity of the program, the locations of ShotSpotter detection devices are not publicly disclosed

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Denver Days 2016 – Registration Now Open!

Denver Days

What is Denver Days?

Mayor Michael B. Hancock envisioned a city where neighbors not only knew their neighbors but as a result felt safer and more connected to the communities they call home.

Four years ago the Mayor turned that vision into reality by creating Denver Days, a program during the first week of August that encourages neighbors to get to know their neighbors by hosting block parties, picnics, and service projects with the focus on small, organic gatherings.

Denver Days Event Criteria:
To be considered a Denver Days event, events must fit any to all of the below criteria:
~ Neighbor to neighbor focus
~ Service projects with neighborhood improvement focus
~ Cultural showcase events
~ Residential street events
~ Neighborhood focused at neighborhood (smaller) parks
~ Small business discounts/convenings for community members
~ Apolitical

Denver Days Benefits:
During Denver Days, the City offers waived park permit fees for Denver Days events. In addition, the City provides free street barricades for block parties.

To register go to:

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West Colfax BID: 2016 The Year of Green

Learn about the artistic crosswalks on West Colfax, West Colfax Food Co-op, and matching grants to businesses for planters.

Join the West Colfax BID for Microbrews, Free Appetizers, Little Man ice cream and music from the Hell Fire & String Band. Additional parking across the street at the Lake Steam Baths Sponsored by the West Colfax Food Co-op & West Colfax BID.

April 19, 5:30 PM – 8:00 PM
Seed Stock Brewery
3610 W Colfax Ave, Denver, CO 80204

Year of Green

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Proposed Rezoning of City-Owned Properties in Villa Park

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Return of 5 City-Owned Parcels to Residential Zoning

Villa Park Rezoning Handout-page-001

The City and County of Denver will seek to return five city-owned, vacant residential parcels in the Villa Park neighborhood to residential zoning. The parcels were erroneously zoned “open space” in 2010.

  • The vacant lots set to be returned to residential zoning are located at the north end of residential blocks on Meade Street, Newton Street, and Stuart Street, adjacent to other residential parcels that have one- or two-unit zoning.
  • The Meade Street and Newton Street parcels are separated from Lakewood Gulch by 12th Avenue; the Stuart Street parcel is separated by public right-of-way.
  • The parcels are not part of Lakewood Gulch open space and are not maintained by Denver Parks and Recreation.

This move to correct the zoning for these parcels is part of a proactive effort to ensure the Denver zoning map is completely accurate.

  • About 80% of the City and County was assigned new zone districts in 2010 when Denver adopted the Denver Zoning Code and moved away from the “Former Chapter 59” code that had been on the books since the 1950s. Data resources have improved since 2010, enabling the city to analyze data citywide to improve accuracy. Since then, the city has approved six rezonings for properties incorrectly zoned as open space and approved one rezoning to classify a property as open space that was excluded in error.
    • A recent example was 2600 S. University Boulevard, a privately-owned parking lot serving a residential property adjacent to Harvard Gulch open space. In early 2015 the city rezoned it to general-mixed-use from its erroneous open space classification.


Prior to the adoption of the Denver Zoning Code in 2010, five city-owned parcels bordering 12th Avenue and Lakewood Gulch at Meade and Newton Streets and Stuart Street were zoned residential (R-2). Because of an error in the mapping of the Denver Zoning Code in 2010, these five parcels were erroneously zoned “open space” (05-A) along with the adjacent gulch. The properties are:

  • 1100 N. Meade St. (north)
  • 1100 N. Meade St. (south)
  • 1001 N. Meade St.
  • 1000 N. Newton St.
  • 1049 N. Stuart St.

The City and County of Denver acquired the Meade and Newton Street parcels from the Public Utilities Commission as part of the 1992 acquisition of areas along Lakewood Gulch. The Stuart Street parcel was acquired by the City and County of Denver in 1937 as a tax delinquent property.


Denver Parks and Recreation, as part of an effort to designate more acres of open space as parkland, designated Lakewood Gulch as parkland in the fourth quarter 2015, as part of its 6th round of designations since 2013.

  • The department began the designation process in the spring of 2013 in an effort to ensure that the City’s parkland is protected from future development and real estate transactions. With these latest efforts, more than 660 acres of parks, parkways and natural areas are now designated, representing approximately 83 percent of all Denver-owned open space within the city limits.
  • At the start of this process in 2013, approximately 68 percent of available open space was already designated. Land that had been added to Denver’s park system more recently (over the past 30-60 years) had not gone through the process of being officially designated as park land.
  • Although the newer land had always been used as parks or other open spaces, the lack of an official designation meant that it could be used for other purposes or sold without requiring a ballot measure. The process of designating all eligible land means any future effort to change the use of that land or sell it to another party must be put to a vote for the citizens of Denver to approve.
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