Puffing is Illegal


It is that time of year when the leaves are changing and the overnight temperatures turn chilly. This might tempt you to leave your car running to allow the windows to defrost and warm the seats. This is illegal.

The Denver Police Department would like to remind you NOT to be a “puffer” by leave your vehicles running and unattended. “Puffing” is a term used in describing exhaust vapors that come out of a tailpipe when a vehicle is running in cold weather, which can alert thieves that your car is running with the keys in the ignition. These cars are also known to thieves as opportunities. These stolen vehicles are often used in the commission of other crimes.

“Puffers” contribute to a large number of automobile thefts in the Denver Metro-area. This crime is 100% avoidable. “Puffing” is illegal and if your vehicle is cited can lead to a monetary penalty. More importantly “puffing” gives criminals an easy opportunity to steal your car costing you money, time and creating a major inconvenience. Please note, it is still considered a violation if your vehicle doors are locked while the car is running.

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