Neighboring Ash Borer Infestation Raises Concerns About Denver’s Urban Forest

Although it has yet to be spotted in Denver ash trees, an invasion of the devastating Emerald Ash Borer is coming. With ash trees making up at least 15 percent of the tree cover in Denver, it is important for owners to use this time to educate themselves about their options. The State of Colorado’s Emerald Ash Borer website is the go-to source for information about the pest, identifying ash trees, and learning about treatment. Visit

With this serious situation facing our city, planting additional trees now will help lessen future impact of trees lost to the ash borer. The Park People, through their Denver Digs Trees program, are working to help ensure a vibrant tree canopy. They offer affordable medium and large sized shade trees to the people within the City of Denver. The standard fee is $35 but if you live in target neighborhoods like West Colfax and Villa Park that amount is reduced to just $10 per tree. Applications are available now and the deadline to apply is February 15th. Please visit, or call 303-722-6262.

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