Denver Digs Trees Needs Your Help

January is the primary month for outreach and canvassing and Denver Digs Trees (The Park People) would love to have your help. Help spread the word about low-cost trees by joining a canvassing crew. Canvassers walk our target neighborhoods as a group and leave flyers at homes with space for a tree. There is no knocking on doors. To help, please sign up at the Volunteer Portal under the group canvass section. Canvassing dates and locations are as follows:

January 18, 2014
West Colfax Neighborhood
(this is the area that is in most need at this time)

January 25, 2014
Lincoln Park and Jefferson Park Neighborhoods

Other ways to help include:

  • Canvass on your own – Work on your own time and pace, walking door-to-door posting flyers. There’s no knocking on doors and you can do as much or as little of a neighborhood as you’d like. You can even just pick up door hangers for friends and neighbors. To help in this way click here. 
  • Spread the word by speaking about the program at a local neighborhood meeting or event.
  • Post information about the program in your local paper, newsletter, or neighborhood website (e.g. 
  • Host a party for your friends and neighbors to promote the program

To obtain more information please call  303.722.6262 or visit

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