Northwest Denver Package Thief Caught on Camera

Package Thief

Molly Hendrickson of 7News writes:

Nobody likes a crook.

“I was hoping it would be a bigger deterrent,” Joel Vyduna told 7NEWS.

In November, someone stole five Christmas packages off Joel Vyduna’s front porch, so the tech-savvy guy turned to surveillance.  He mounted a camera on his window which gives him a live feed of what’s happening around his home on his iPad.  He never thought the $200 camera would pay off so soon.

“He was pretty crafty,” Vyduna said.

Last week, the camera caught the crook in action.  The surveillance video shows a teal van drive by his northwest Denver home just as UPS delivers Vyduna’s packages.  The van drives by three more times before the driver gets out of the van, walks up to the home and makes off with the boxes.

“He walked up to the front of the house with work gloves and a piece of paper in his hand like he was there picking up a delivery,” Vyduna said.

Vyduna said package thefts happen all too often in his neighborhood.

“The local UPS manager said that northwest Denver, specifically this zip code, has the highest volume of UPS theft in all of Denver.  It’s a big problem here,” Vyduna said.

UPS refused to release theft information to 7NEWS.  Instead it directed customers to the UPS My Choice Program where customers have more control over when and where packages are delivered.

Vyduna just hopes cops catch the man in the video and other crooks will get the message that he’s not an easy target.

“Hopefully people who see it from now on will decide not to take the package and run away.”

The suspect is a middle-aged white man, balding with glasses.  He was wearing a Carhartt style jacket and work pants.  He drives a 1998 to 2000 teal Dodge Caravan.  If you have any information, call Denver Police.

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