7News Viewer Helps Police ID Package Thief

Molly Hendrickson of 7News writes:

A Denver man has been arrested on suspicion of stealing packages off a porch after a 7NEWS viewer recognized him in our story.

“There’s no mistaking this guy. He’s probably mid 50s, bald, he’s got no voice,” said John Ellard, manager of Delux RV and Motel.

When Ellard saw our story featuring surveillance video of a man stealing UPS packages off the porch of a Northwest Denver home, he was certain the thief was shacked up at his motel.

“For sure it was him. He looks exactly like the guy on camera, he drives the same vehicle. As soon as I recognized him we called Adams County and they came here and arrested him and turned him over to Denver police,” Ellard said.

Police said they arrested Billy Strong, a 49-year-old man with a long history of theft and domestic violence charges.

7NEWS caught up with Strong at the motel. He admitted to owning a blue Dodge van that he said he recently got rid of.  Despite Strong’s striking resemblance to the man in the video, he told 7NEWS he is not the thief.

“It wasn’t me,” Strong said.

Ellard didn’t buy it. He told Strong he had to leave the motel by 3 p.m. Monday.

“You’ve got to get everything out of the room. Lock the door behind you, bring me your key,” Ellard said.

Denver police issued Strong a citation since the theft is considered a misdemeanor. It is not a federal offense to tamper with UPS because it’s not a federal agency.


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