No Criminal Charges in Sloan’s Lake Shooting

Web Staff with Fox31 writes:

The legal review of a fatal shooting that occurred near Sloan’s Lake on March 18, has determined that no criminal charges will be filed in connection with the incident.

The homeowner, Kevin Shea, claimed he came home from an appointment to find someone burglarizing his house. Shea’s wife said the intruder went after her husband and that he eventually shot the intruder in self-defense.

The review determined there was no evidence to disprove the Sheas’ story, the Denver District Attorney’s Office said Thursday.

Police have not revealed the identity of the victim, and have said very little about what investigators know.

Just before the shooting, next-door neighbor Chris Vallejos said he heard Shea yelling.

“He said, ‘Get down.’ He was telling the intruder, I guess, to get down on the ground. ‘Don’t make me shoot you,’” Vallejos said.

A few seconds later Chris says he heard five or six gunshots.

“It sounded like a firecracker,” Vallejos said.

Shortly after the shooting, 911 dispatchers notified officers that a call came in from Kevin Shea. They noted that he had a concealed carry permit and the he told them a man “came at him and he shot him in the head, or he shot him.”

Shea declined to speak to FOX31 Denver, but his wife said he was shaken up. She also said the shooting took place just outside the home.

Several neighbors, including Vallejos, said they believe Shea did the right thing.

“I think you should protect yourself,” Vallejos said. “They’re trying to steal your stuff … or hurt you.”

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