12-Story Condo Tower May Be Coming to St. Anthony’s

Sloans Condos

John Rebchook with Inside Real Estate News writes:

Denver developers Thursday evening unveiled a proposal to build a 12-story, energy-efficient and “healthy” condominium tower across from Sloan’s Lake on the former St. Anthony’s Hospital site in west Denver.

It would only be one of three condominium developments currently moving forward in Denver, according to the developers, Trevor Hines and Brian Levitt, principals of Cherry Creek North-based NAVA Real Estate

The proposed tower by NAVA would have 224 units, 26 of them townhomes. It’s too early to estimate the price of the units, although Levitt and Hines said they hope to keep them as affordable as possible.

The proposed tower, to be designed by the architectural firm RNL, would require that the land on the so-called Block 1 to be rezoned, as the current zoning for the entire 19-acre site allows a maximum of five stories. Block 1 is bored West 17th Avenue, Raleigh and Stuart streets and the Chapel Plaza.

The City Council likely would consider the rezoning late this year or early next year, said Cameron Berton, a senior vice president of EnviroFinance Group, the land developer of the site, which it has named Sloans. EFG is selling off seven separate blocks for the primarily residential development.

Berton said it would make sense to allow maximum height of 12 stories for the building directly across from NAVA’s proposed tower, with the back half of Block 1, more in the middle of the entire site, would be rezoned to allow a maximum of 16 stories. That way, shadows from a tall building would neither fall on Sloan’s Lake or on any of the existing single-family detached homes near the former hospital campus, he said.

Councilwoman District 1 Susan Shepherd said she thinks the lower height may defuse some of the harsh criticisms against the proposed development, which primarily has come from people who live in neighborhoods such as West Highland and Berkeley, she said.

“Most of the people south of Sloan’s Lake are in favor of it, with most of the opposition coming from north of Sloan’s Lake,” she said.

Shepherd said she was “absolutely stunned” that more people, including some of the very vocal critics did not attend the meeting.

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