Solid Waste Management Begins Converting Dumpsters to Cart Service

Denver Public Works, Solid Waste Management, is pleased to announce that the implementation of residential trash cart service, one of the key strategies outlined in the ‘Master Plan for Managing Solid Waste in the Mile High City,’ will begin in the summer of 2014. Under this program, about 20,000 households with dumpster or manual trash collection will be converted to cart-based trash service. These households will join the 57,000 Denver homes that already receive cart-based trash service. In addition to improving the equity of services across the City and increasing collection efficiency, the cart service provides many other benefits to the residents in impacted neighborhoods.

This program will be implemented over four years, focusing on the outer edges of Denver and working inward. Included in the 2014 conversion is part of the West Colfax neighborhood. The boundaries for this change are 17th Avenue to the Lakewood Dry Gulch, Sheridan Boulevard to Tennyson Street.

FINAL - Cart Conversion flyer...1 trash flyer engspan (3)

To view a map of the 2014 cart conversion please click here.

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