Denver Limits New Events in Streets & Parks

Jon Murray with The Denver Post writes:

Denver will ratchet up a year-old moratorium on new running races or walks by adding limits in 2015 on nearly all new special events of other types on public property.

Rules that amount to one of the more restrictive city policies in the nation are rooted in a recent surge in special events on public property — from roughly 350 in 2012 to 650 last year, the city estimates. To call a timeout of sorts, officials have ushered in the one-year partial moratorium to limit where and when new events can close streets and use parks.

During the busy season between April 15 and Sept. 1, new events will be fully blocked, with exceptions for August’s Denver Days community events. Early in the year and late in the year, the city will allow more leeway for new events.

Completely off-limits to new events all year are six marquee regional parks: City Park, Cheesman Park, Civic Center, Washington Park, Central Park and Sloan’s Lake.

The new restrictions expand on a full moratorium put in place last year that barred any new runs, walks or bicycle races.

This year’s expanded rules, including one barring recurring events from adding days or components, have frustrated some event organizers.

Also critical are some neighborhood activists. They say Denver needs to clamp down on the existing glut of events that, in their view, clog streets and parks too often.

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