Strong, Smart & Bold Beans Opens in Rodolfo “Corky” Gonzales Library

Strong, Smart & Bold Beans, a social enterprise of Girls Inc. of Metro Denver (GIMD), opens March 5th in the lobby of the Rodolfo “Corky” Gonzales Library Branch in Denver’s West Colfax neighborhood.

Bold Beans will do the following:

  • Sell coffee and espresso drinks;
  • Provide teen girls with paid jobs and hands-on learning opportunities;
  • And use profits to support GIMD programs that inspire girls be strong, smart and bold.

Bold Beans will be open during the following times:

  • Noon-8pm Monday and Tuesday
  • 10am-6pm Wednesday through Friday
  • 9am-5pm Saturday

Coffee and espresso drinks, baked goods, snacks and bottled beverages will be available for purchase.

“This new business highlights the work of our organization, which has been serving the West Colfax neighborhood for over 30 years,” said Sonya Ulibarri, GIMD President & CEO. “Girls Inc. is a place for girls to learn how to be confident and self-sufficient through college and career prep programs, entrepreneurial experiences, and training in economic literacy.”

Bold Beans provides GIMD with a new revenue stream and a platform to deliver entrepreneurship curriculum to girls in grades 8-12. Participating girls will explore various aspects of the coffee business, including coffee’s origin and supply chain from farm to cup. They will learn about running a small business and be responsible for helping develop marketing plans and managing costs and inventory. They will develop customer service skills and more specialized skills like latte art. To start, the first group of six to eight individuals will be selected and trained as “Bold Baristas” to staff the cart during after school and weekend hours. During the summer, there are plans to hire additional girls.

UIibarri added, “Our girls are so excited for this much-anticipated opportunity. They are applying for the coveted roles to work at Bold Beans, which require a certain GPA and participation in our programs. There is so much for them to learn through this new endeavor.”

Monica Villalobos, Manager of Social Enterprise for GIMD, said, “The concept of Bold Beans was inspired by our girls; they asked for a Girls Inc. coffee business and now here we are. Many have been exposed to entrepreneurship and have been entrepreneurs themselves on a much smaller scale, so they understand what we are trying to accomplish. For others, it’s a new way to stay connected to Girls Inc. after years of involvement, plus it’s an opportunity for hands-on learning while earning an income.”

Bold Beans Background:
GIMD participated in the Colorado Nonprofit Social Enterprise Exchange’s 2013-2014 Cohort, a nine-month social enterprise development program. The program was led by interSector Partners, L3C and JVoyles Nonprofit Consulting. Through this cohort, GIMD received ongoing training and consultation that led to the inception and initial concept development for Bold Beans. Colorado-based CODA Coffee, named 2014 Macro Roaster of the year by Roast Magazine, is the primary coffee bean roaster and supplier for Bold Beans. In late 2014, Villalobos attended a five-day training at the Ivy League Barista Academy in Vista, California, which included coffee 101, advanced barista training, and coffee business management. The training will be adapted and used to enhance related GIMD curriculum for Bold Beans.

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