Noise Variance Request for Nighttime Drilling Activity


This is to inform you that the Denver Department of Environmental Health (DEH) has received an application for a noise variance from Denver Water for nighttime work involving drilling activity associated with Denver Water’s Denver Basin Aquifer Exploratory Drilling Program. The drill site location will be situated in the northwest quadrant of the 16th Ave. and Quitman St. intersection.

Noise variances are necessary when nighttime construction work is being proposed and noise levels above existing conditions are expected. If the variance request is approved night work will begin no sooner than October 14, 2016 with approximately 5-14 days/nights of construction needed for the project to be completed by the end of December 31, 2016.

The noisiest operations are expected to be drilling and pumping operations. More specifically the equipment expected to produce significant noise are the drill rig engine and exhaust and the mud pump engine, fan and exhaust.

DEH is working with the applicant to address noise concerns. The Board of Environmental Health (BEH) will meet Thursday October 13th at 5:30 p.m. to discuss and then approve/deny this variance request. Your comments and participation are welcomed.

If you would like more details regarding this project, please call Paul Riedesel at 720-865-5410.

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