1.1         The name of this Registered Neighborhood Organization (RNO) shall be the Sloan’s Lake Citizens’ Group, hereinafter sometimes referred to as the SLCG.



 2.1         The neighborhood served by the Sloan’s Lake Citizens’ Group is bounded by West 29th Avenue on the north; Federal Boulevard on the east; W. 10th Avenue on the south; and Sheridan Boulevard on the west.



 3.1         The Sloan’s Lake Citizens’ Group, a Colorado non-profit corporation, is established to promote the following mission, purpose and objectives:

  1. Mission: The Sloan’s Lake Citizens’ Group encourages neighbors in the Sloan’s Lake and West Colfax neighborhoods to strengthen and improve the community through education and events, while listening, respecting and honoring the diverse voice of our community.
  2. Aid in promoting a sense of security for all residents and businesses of the neighborhood by utilizing available methods and developing new methods of dealing with and combating crime; and
  3. Cooperate with other associations in carrying out the foregoing purposes and such similar purposes as the Board of Directors shall from time to time determine.

3.2         With few exceptions, it is the policy of the SLCG to inform and educate, rather than speak for, our community. This prevents the SLCG from taking a stand on issues where there might not be information or where  the membership might be in disagreement. Instead, the desire of the SLCG is to promote collaboration for compromise solutions that balance the interests of property owners, business owners, and  residents while protecting public health and safety. Upon request, the SLCG will provide a written letter from the president or a board member to document that a given proposal has been presented and discussed  at a meeting, including the general degree of support for the proposal as well as any concerns that may have been raised.



 4.1          Regular membership shall be open upon payment of dues to all persons who reside or own property within the neighborhood served by the SLCG and to any club, church, business, educational institution or other organization located within such neighborhood.   Membership shall be suspended if dues are delinquent more than thirty days and shall be reinstated upon payment.

4.2         An Associate Membership shall be open upon payment of dues to all persons and organizations not residing or located within such neighborhood. An Associate Member shall be entitled to attend meetings, receive   the newsletter, and comment on matters coming before the SLCG but shall not be a voting member of the SLCG.



 5.1         Any person or organization who is a regular member in good standing shall be entitled to vote at any meeting, provided such person or organization has been a regular member for not less than thirty days prior to  such meeting.  An Associate Member shall be entitled to attend meetings and comment on matters coming before the SLCG but shall not be a voting member of the SLCG.



  6.1         The officers of the association and their responsibilities are:

  1. President/CO-Presidents. The President shall be the principal executive director of the SLCG and shall preside at all meetings of the general membership and all meetings of the Board of Directors and may be a voting member of all committees of the SLCG. The President shall be the principal spokesperson for the SLCG and shall present its position at public hearings, to the media and in other appropriate ways.
  2. President Elect: The President-Elect is a person who may be elected to the position but not    yet installed. They will shadow the President, shall observe the President and may be a voting member of all  committees of the SLCG.
  3. Vice President/CO-Vice Presidents. The Vice President(s) shall assume the duties of the President in the President’s absence or inability to serve, shall act as a liaison with elected and appointed officials of government and shall, at the request of the President, assist the President in the performance of the duties of the President.
  4. Secretary. The Secretary shall keep the minutes of meetings, and prepare the correspondence of the Board of Directors and the general membership, shall maintain a current list of members, work with the Membership Chairperson and act as a backup for the Communication Committee.
  5. Treasurer. The Treasurer shall collect all monies due this organization and deposit them  in an account approved by the general membership, report regularly the financial status of the organization, and pay the  bills of the organization as approved by the Board of Directors.
  6. The SLCG practices appropriate cash flow management to ensure financial resources are sufficient to maintain operations and cover its liabilities.

6.2         The officers shall be elected from persons who have been members of the SLCG for not less than one year prior to the election. Nominations for office shall be made by a nominating committee appointed by the President and from the floor. Elections shall be held at the regular annual meeting in September.

6.3         A vacancy in any office may be filled by appointment of the Board of Directors for the remaining portion of the term.


 7.1         The Board of Directors shall be comprised of the present officers of the SLCG; two elected at-large board members, all former officers who are SLCG members and who indicate their willingness to serve; and the chairperson of each committee. A quorum shall consist of five members of the Board of Directors.

7.2         The Board of Directors shall meet prior to each meeting of the membership to establish an agenda and act upon such other matters as come before it. Meetings of the Board of Directors shall be open to all  members.

7.3         On major issues of concern to the SLCG, advance notice will be provided to members through the SLCG newsletter, or other appropriate means, to provide members an opportunity to inform themselves on  the issue and to participate at the next meeting of the SLCG.

7.4        When the Board of Directors determine an emergency exists the Board will be informed about the situation. If there is not sufficient time to determine the procedure to be followed by the SLCG on any matter of concern to it, the Board may determine such position and authorize the President or any other designated member of the SLCG to present its position as is appropriate in the circumstances.

7.5         Two At-Large Board of Directors will serve the board’s strategic needs as determined by the president at any given time. Members-at Large will be voting members and may have various responsibilities and projects -short and long term- during their elected one-year term.

7.6          In making decisions for the SLCG, Board of Directors put the interests of the organization ahead of any personal or professional interests they may have, and avoid any real or perceived conflict of interest.



8.1          Meetings of the general membership of the Sloan’s Lake Citizens’ Group shall be held on the second Wednesday of each month. The time and place of such meetings may be changed from time to time by the Board of Directors.

8.2         All meetings of the SLCG shall be governed by Robert’s Rules of Order, as revised, unless in conflict with the Articles of Incorporation of the SLCG, these bylaws or any special rules of order adopted by the association.

8.3         All members of the SLCG or their duly authorized representatives shall be permitted to inspect all books and records, including minutes of all meetings and all votes taken, of the SLCG for any proper purpose at any reasonable time. Membership records shall, however, be considered and  be held confidential except insofar as strictly limited disclosure is necessary to the ordinary business of the SLCG.



 9.1         The business of the SLCG shall be carried out by committees appointed for such purpose by the Board of Directors from time to time. The chair of any committee shall be appointed by the President with the  approval of the Board of Directors. Any member is eligible to serve on any committee unless the Chair of the committee determines to limit the number of members to less than the number of members who desire  to serve on the committee. In such event members of the committee shall be elected by the general membership.

9.2         Committee meetings shall be open to all members.



10.1       These by-laws shall be the by-laws of the Sloan’s Lake Citizens’ Group upon adoption by two thirds of the voting members present at any regular meeting, provided only that not less than one months’ notice shall be given in advance.

10.2       Once adopted, these by-laws may be amended by two thirds of the voting members present at any regular meeting, provided only that not less than one month’s notice shall be given in advance.

It is hereby certified that the foregoing by-laws were adopted as the by-laws of the Sloan’s Lake Citizens’ Group at its regular meeting on September 13, 2017.


Jennifer Qualteri