November 9, 2016

Minutes November 09, 2016 – Call to order 6:59 p.m.

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  • The VA breakfast was last Saturday, November 5th. Del Norte donated a gift card for the food.
  • Saturday December 17th is the Christmas party for the Del Norte residents. Donations will be accepted.  Donna Austin will help coordinate the event along with last year’s coordinator Leann Stelzer.
  • Police update from Community Resource Officer Gibbs
    • Motor vehicles theft and vandalism are ongoing problems in the neighborhood. Crimes of opportunity are occurring; leave your cars locked and bare.  Otherwise you are going to become victim to the thefts that are trending, and Denver Police Department DPD is constantly trying to communicate this message.
    • 1st to Jun 30th Verizon will have vans in the area to check communications. These vans will be cruising from 27th Avenue South to Colfax Blvd.
    • Holiday package thefts have already started in Police District 1. Some specific information is posted on   You will see Officer Gibbs on TV being a porch pirate in and effort to get the message out about package thefts.  Things you can do to stop package thefts are 1) deliver to a neighbor, 2) require a signature, 3) have the package delivered to your work, 4) get a date and time from the delivery company, 5) businesses in the area will also take and hold onto your package, 6) go with a company like Amazon who places strategic lockers that you can go to and pick up your package.  A midsized dark car with a front license plate covered was noticed casing a home that just had a FedEx truck drop off.  Do what you can not to become a victim of package theft.
    • DPD did some background checks on Brother’s Redevelopment the affordable housing unit that is next-door to Del Norte, and there was nothing outstanding. Officer Gibbs has to notify Denver Housing Authority if he knows of arrests.  Monthly report is pulled for review of residents that have been involved in criminal activity, and Denver Housing Authority DHA is notified of any findings.    DHA can get the reports for free, and DPD prefers to use the DHA reports for their review. Also Brothers Redevelopment is installing lights (LED is brighter), and cameras. and hopefully that will help with any problems that might occur around the building.
  • Bruce O’Donnell of Starboard Realty is working with Dick Taft, owner of the non-profit Rocky Mountain Communities. This is the organization that owns the Townview Community, a 52 year old affordable housing community.  The group is seeking a rezone, so the existing buildings can be replaced with modern buildings. The housing is currently zoned R2 that allows for a duplex type density.  The venture which is in an early planning stage wants to engage the community and that is one reason why they are visiting SLCG and WeCan RNOs.  The initial building plans are to build more units; as many as 250 new residences.  The group would like to see Social Services on-site, and a socially acceptable mini neighborhood with service and retail space absent of liquor stores, check cashing establishments, and pot shops.  Independent senior citizen housing for ages 55 and up is part of the plan.  Low income families will have two, three and four bedroom unit options.  Mountain Communities is choosing to stay on this site because of the cost of housing, like the nearby row homes that are going for at least $400,000, and this is unaffordable and unacceptable in Dick Taft’s view.
    • More about Rocky Mountain Community: They are a 22 year organization that rose out of the Savings and Loan S&L crisis.  As a result Rocky Mountain Properties formed their non-profit.   By demolition and rebuilding, the community will be denser, able to house more families, have updated systems like a modernized sewer line, and not be available for the trending development or resale.
    • More on the social aspects: The new build will include on the ground floor, clinics (but this is something that needs research) dental services, programs that provide three of the properties early childhood education and after school programs. Services will be paid for by local, state, and federal monies, so all of the qualified community can take advantage of the services.
    • A poster presentation of the nature of and buildings on the property, and how it will be a community within the community was exhibited.
    • Zoning from the R2 to the CMX5 and the west block CMX3 was explained.
    • Contact information for Dick Taft can be found in the upcoming December 2016 SLCG newsletter.
  • Final stages of the Federal Blvd corridor plan are underway. The SLCG is located in the area of sections D and section E, so that was the focus of tonight’s discussion about a study overview that has been initially conducted by the planners.
    • One interesting finding is that 30,000 some cars go up and down Federal daily.
    • The goal of the corridor plan was to prioritize what would make Federal Blvd a better place to walk, bike and drive.
    • The vision is to increase safety, mobility, make a seamless network,  enhance East-West connectivity, celebrate residents culture, and make for a sustainable future.
    • Public involvement was part of the study process. One of the input groups included the city engaging students from the high schools as ambassadors to get data from the community.
    • The plan is still a work in progress.
    • Funding is not yet available for the plan.
    • Because there is still no money from the Mayor it is time to voice the need to budget for the corridor plan, and there are three upcoming bond meetings. One of the bond meetings is November 29th 6-7:30 p.m. at the Corky Gonzales library.  The bond meetings are for neighborhoods to tell the city how they want to use bond money, and this might be a way to get cash for the Federal Blvd corridor project.

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