October 12, 2016

October 12, 2016 – Call to order 7:03 p.m.

Attendees:  about 20 people

Minutes  October 12, 2016

  • Police update Officer Gibbs
    • People starting to move in next door after the affordable housing unit’s fire. About 80% of the prior residents will return. Officer Gibbs wants to go in Data Analysis Unit DAU  Reports of arrests and associated with subsidized housing.  Eviction or loss of subsidized housing allowance for those who are arrested while receiving this subsidized benefit.  Brother’s Redevelopment wants for the behavior here to improve.
    • Citizen’s Advisory Group CAG meeting.  Monday October 17th at 6:00 p.m. They always have food there.
    • Crimes of opportunity still happening
      • Remote starters better then huffing or sitting in the car and getting car jacked. Still may have a broken window. Touch the brake and the new remote starter are an automatic shut off and that is why they are legal.
      • Virtual Message Board VMB; maybe display huffers reminders on it when it gets colder.
    • Bruce O’Donnell Starboard Realty will gave a brief presentation on the zone change application for 1209 Perry St. The new zoning proposal is an up-zone to GRX5 from G-MU-3 and E-TU-C.   11,000 sq. ft. vacant property that butts up against the light rail.  With the moratorium of garden apartments/slot homes a new design is planned; access from the alley and front doors facing the street.  RX allows for some commercial space and you can build to the property line. The cost of these units may be in the high $300,000.  Oz architecture is dong the early studies.  SLCG will write a letter to the planning board and these letters usually say that the developer came to the neighborhood meeting to  let people know that there will be planning department and city council meetings on the rezone,  and if citizens want to speak for or against generally the membership  they can go through a process and speak at the meetings. There was a show of hands in favor of the rezone.  Not all hands raised and anyone who wanted could let Tom know of any other thoughts you have about the letter.
    • Lisa Flores DPS Board of Education representative for region 5 was a guest speaker along with Barbara O’Brian at DPS board member at large known for pushing DPS on accountability. With densifying the number of children enrolled in DPS has decreased by half.  Jim Looney  a slide presentation showing how enrollment is decreasing in some areas while it is increasing. Look for the complete presentation on the SLCG website. One other issue Flores want to bring up is looking at the DPS assets and see if there can be a change in policy from selling off assets for the most money turning some of the properties into affordable housing units.
  • Update from the office of Councilman Lopez:
    • Local emergency planning committee, Oct 18th at Southwest Improvement Council 1000 South Lowell Blvd., SWIC 6:15 p.m..
    • Federal Blvd study. Preliminary results of the findings that they have come up with. Another public meeting before the final report comes.
    • Ballots out Oct 17th should have tabor notice and blue book. A lot of information ordinance 300 allow for marijuana consumption for public conception.  Permit process no notification about it.  All they need to get the permit are from a Business Improvement District BID or a Regional Neighborhood Organization RNO.  No reconciliation between the two all they need is one okay.  Ballot issue was petitioned on for 2016.  City council cannot do anything for 6 months.  They only have 60 days so applications need to be ready to go on January 1.  Permit can be issued up to a year suppose to be 21 and perhaps have to block off.  Amendment 64 written that cannot sell/ purchase, have to give it away on premise.
  • Pros and cons pamphlets from League of Women Voters were distributed to membership.

Adjourn 8:30 p.m.