October 3, 2016

October 3, 2016 – Call to order 6:12 p.m.

Attendees:  Melissa Horn, Margie Grimsley, Nettie Moore, Angela Medbery, Tom Brunn, and Jennifer Qualteri, and Cindy Snalam.

Agenda and proposed agenda for the October to December 2016 upcoming SLCG general meetings

October 12th

  • Lisa Flores DPS Board of Education representative for region 5 will be the guest speaker. Her presentation will   address school enrollment and the demographics changes.  Even with densifying the number of children enrolled in DPS has decreased by half.  Brian Eschbacher may discuss DPS planning and analysis of the low enrollment.
  • Bruce O’Connell will give a brief and sketch out the zone change application to 1209 Perry St. The new zoning proposal is an upzone to GRX5 from G-MU-3 and E-TU-C.
  • Pros and cons pamphlets from League of Women Voters to be printed and distributed to membership. Tom and Melissa will bring this information to the next membership meeting.

November 9th

  • Possible speakers
    • Invite councilmen or staff to come for updates.
    • Red Cross – Margie will ask if they do presentations on emergency preparedness.
    • Federal Blvd corridor plan is being rolled out. Cindy will find who would be the best person to present this to the general assembly.
    • Information from the October North High meeting on the corridor plan on Federal Blvd.  Cindy will determine this after she gets more information from the North High meeting if this is a worthwhile update.  The corridor plan meeting is probably held on Oct 25th.
    • Denver-right Survey update
    • Potential consequences election of like ordinance 300. LWV can perhaps speak on this.

December 14th

  • Holiday party
    • Corporal Baca DPD will be presented with the Good Neighbor Reward.
  • Possible venues for the Christmas Party are
    • Metro Manner.
    • Sloans Lake meeting room (Margie to reach out to Cameron Bertron).
    • Fire House 21st and Federal.
  • Cop Shop volunteerism; do this again?
    • Some challenges because the coordinator of this event last year won’t be doing the party again, but SLCG wants to participate in at least donating toys.
    • Start collecting donations in November.
    • Cop shop event will be held at Del Norte apartments where it is already set up.

Other Discussion

  • Enlist Committee help from AJ Steinke for Villa park help loans.
  • Enlist Ginni Dunlap to do a welcome packet.
  • Planning steps for April 12, 2017 Annual Meeting
  • Tom showed pictures and explained proposal to the group about 1209 Perry St. just North of the light rail upzone GRX5 from G-MU-3 and E-TU-C.
  • Colfax BID and Federal Blvd BID updates
    • Cindy is working with on Federal and Colfax business improvements ongoing.
    • Jennifer mentions that small business owners appear not to be enlisted enough.
  • Cindy showed picture of a beautiful home being demolitioned just outside of the historic district the other home were very close by. Homes can fall into developers’ holes at that point.  What recourse does a homeowners have at that point?
  • Chili Verde happy hour cancels that was next Thursday.

Veterans breakfast November 5th.