24 Hour Fitness Outdoor Gym

As a proud partner of the Denver Broncos,  we’re excited to make great health accessible to the entire community through our outdoor gym at Mile High Stadium. Below is the map of the Outdoor Gym.


This workout circuit was designed by our movement experts to improve mobility, strength and cardiovascular endurance. The following is a list of the workout stations you will find throughout the circuit.

  1. Body-Tuck
  2. Leg-Flex
  3. Heel-Flex
  4. Body-Pull
  5. Arm-Walk
  6. Leg-Over
  7. Push-Off
  8. Stair Workout
  9. Sit-Up
  10. Vault-Over
  11. Hop-Over

As you move from station to station, you’ll take on a range of movement patterns that work your upper body, core and legs. Complete the entire circuit for a full-body workout that you can make harder as you get stronger.